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Announcing the

Cella In-House Agency
Leadership Summit

San Francisco | Jan. 28 - 29, 2020

$1495 | Standard Fee

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The must-attend event for in-house agency leaders this year.


Accelerated changes—in technology, process, partnerships and possibilities—are demanding strategic and powerful transformation within in-house agencies (IHAs). Each week brings IHA executives and leaders new issues to address, along with the quickening need for world-class perspectives on topics that are sometimes unfamiliar. That’s the purpose of this inaugural and exclusive event. Join your IHA leadership peers for a day and a half as our experts share tangible ideas and compelling data that will help you future-proof the way you run your agency, from the day you leave the event, into 2020 and through years beyond.

Why invest your time:

Opportunity - At this IHA leadership event, unlike others, you’ll learn everyone’s name. The group will be large enough to create robust discussion, but small enough for interactive Q&A opportunities and meaningful participation.
Content - All sessions will be packed with carefully selected content delivered by experienced Cella in-house agency consultants—hands-on experts who are dedicated to evolving in-house agencies by putting theory into practice on a daily basis.
Connections - You’ll have opportunities to connect with other IHA leaders–like you–who truly share your challenges and can help inform your decisions
Results - You’ll gain strategic knowledge and tactical guidance that you can immediately put into action to drive impactful results.

Who should attend this event:


Senior leaders of in-house agency and creative teams (including marketing, corporate communications and shared services), along with their vice presidents, managers and/or direct reports. Spots are limited.