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Team Structure, Roles & Development

Having the right individuals and the right organizational structure can make or break a department. Add in training, career pathing, motivation, retention, and managing remote workforces and flex staff, and it’s clear that creative leaders have their hands full. Cella can help.

Hiring full-time employees is still considered a luxury, yet the volume of work creative teams produce is increasing. Utilizing traditional staffing models and organizational structures does not allow the creative team to effectively attack the growing workload (both in volume and type).

An ever-evolving selection of outsourcing and flexible staffing solutions has offered leaders an additional tool as they decide how to structure their departments. In addition, an in-house agency’s organizational structure, and a set of clearly defined roles within that structure, should enable high levels of creative effectiveness and productivity simultaneously.

Cella helps marketing communications and creative departments to design their talent strategy and organizations with these outcomes in mind.

The roles found within in-house agencies and creative departments can cover a wide range of functions, including but not limited to strategy, account management, project management, design, content development, interactive development, multimedia, media buying, and operations.

Leadership differentiation, role segmentation, reporting relationships, and the evolution of hybrid roles are fragments of building clearly defined roles and responsibilities. With the right roles in place, your department will benefit from increased accountability, enhanced autonomy, increased capacity and productivity, enhanced team collaboration, and open lines of communication.

Cella partners with the in-house group’s leadership team to evaluate current-state roles and recommend role changes and development to achieve future-state goals.

Retaining top talent, relevant performance criteria, and developmental opportunities are essential to the continuous evolution of an in-house agency’s team.

While it is unlikely a member of the creative team will become the organization’s CEO or maybe even move outside of the creative, there are typically more opportunities for growth than most realize. Clearly defining career paths and performance criteria will lead to increased staff satisfaction and performance due to clarity of expectations.

Cella helps in-house groups to draft career paths and create the performance criteria, taking into account the hard and soft skills specific to their roles, as well as corporate values and other across-the-board corporate performance requirements.