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Process, Technology & Metrics

Creatives' talents typically lean heavily toward right brain activities, and they usually don't enjoy or succeed at analytical tasks with the same success as creative tasks. Yet running a smooth business operation requires processes and metrics, plus technology to support both.


Your department’s operating processes and procedures are the roots to which people and tools are attached in order to create a healthy operation.

There are many elements of a creative or communications development process that will have an impact on the department’s operational health, including but not limited to:

  • workflows,
  • project intake procedures,
  • prioritization,
  • project and time tracking,
  • project planning,
  • routing,
  • quality assurance,
  • revisions and approvals, and
  • workload forecasting.

If not properly optimized, any of these elements can lead to bottlenecks, stifled creativity, gaps in communication, points of contention, and a lack of thoroughness.

If set up well, effective department processes and procedures will drive maximum productivity, enforce high work quality standards, enable clear communications and understanding between personnel, and allow for the department to deliver both creativity and business impact at the same time.

Cella can advise on this mission-critical—yet often lacking—aspect of many creative organizations. Cella’s consultants reengineer and install creative processes for our clients with these benefits in mind.

When evaluating the performance of their in-house agency or creative department, marketing and creative leaders often have intuition around what needs to be improved. However, they may not have enough hard proof of the current state environment, making it impossible to define and track progress against improvement goals. And while it is possible to make good decisions based on qualitative input alone, it can require time and the ability to experiment through trial and error—luxuries most leaders don’t have.

Accurate data supports creative leaders in driving effective and efficient business decisions. In addition, when a baseline of data exists from which to evaluate performance, progress becomes measurable and therefore more desirable.

Cella helps in-house agencies and creative departments effectively measure and consistently improve upon their operating performance through the proper application of time tracking, data collection, and metrics reporting.

It’s rare to find a creative team that isn’t tasked with doing more with less. In general, we’re all being asked to increase efficiencies. Systems and tools are essential for efficiency, decision-making drivers, resource justification, and heightened control. Yet the pace of change and the number and variety of tools available can be overwhelming.

Cella is experienced with the technology solutions used by best-in-class creative teams. We can help you navigate the waters—from identifying the appropriate criteria and requirements to evaluating and recommending vendor solutions. Thereafter, Cella can further support your technology implementation and training.

Project Management & Workflow Technology

Driving operational efficiency, metrics-based decision-making, resource justification, and clear team communication are just a few results of the right project management tool for your group.

The potential benefits of having the right tools in place range from increased productivity, reduced cycle times, increased scalability, and improved accountability, to increased client satisfaction by improving communications and visibility and possible real-time system integration with other enterprise systems.

Despite the wide selection of products, the high level of monetary- and time-related investments required to get these systems into place can be daunting for any creative or marketing department.

Requirements gathering, process engineering, and change management are critical to the successful implementation of these tools, yet few leaders have the required time or resources in-house to be able to address them. Cella addresses these required activities by assisting in all phases of the initiative, including requirements gathering, process engineering, software selection, software implementation, and user training.

Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management (DAM) solutions provide brand consistency, operational productivity, control, and improved time-to-market.

Departments who reuse a high volume and percentage of brand, design, content, photo, and video assets without a DAM system in place are likely losing out on a significant time-savings opportunity.

An effective DAM process will reduce unnecessary “rework,” expedite the search for needed assets, and open up access to assets for stakeholders across the organization. Maneuvering through the digital asset lifecycle of creating, ingesting, managing, searching, distributing, and overall integration can be overwhelming.

Cella supports our clients in business case development, process engineering, requirements gathering, system selection, and implementation activities related to DAM systems.