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Client & Corporate Dynamics

It would be great if our teams could sit undisturbed in their amazing studio space creating award-winning work without dealing with interruptions or the politics our organizations—but that’s not possible. Building relationships and being of service are critical components to success as an in-house agency.

Some in-house agencies call them clients, while others call them partners or stakeholders. Regardless of how you “title” the people you service in your organization, all in-house agencies and creative departments service somebody. At some organizations these relationships are highly collaborative and team oriented, while others maintain clear “vendor/client” relationships, much like an outside advertising agency would.

It is critical to understand the truth about what these clients desire from your team, and how your department is perceived within the organization. Without this understanding, your in-house agency will struggle to make management decisions that are in the best interests of the organization.

Cella partners with in-house creative leaders to enhance the group’s customer experience by evaluating the project intake process, creative brief, project management, collaboration, transparency, and process understanding.

In addition, Cella offers PartnerPulse to measure client satisfaction and team performance. Learn more about how PartnerPulse can help your department.

Selectively choosing your customer service strategy is critical. Given the different disciplines’ functional responsibilities, you want to ensure that each area is utilized to its maximum potential and concentrated on its subject matter expertise.

A dedicated account/project management discipline is a crucial element of a successful customer service strategy. These disciplines are instrumental for client interface and relationship development, building the business, and interdisciplinary organization and collaboration.

Cella will support your customer service strategy goals and partner with you to design an account management and project management strategy that meets the needs of your organization.

In addition, Cella offers Account and Project Management Boot Camps to get your team performing more effectively faster. Learn about our Boot Camps.

Groups in our industry are a unique entity, supporting the organization’s goals whether in financial services, pharmaceuticals, or retail, amongst many others. Clearly defining the group’s identity to the greater organization is important in order to continuously demonstrate its added value.

Cella subject matter experts can partner with you to develop a business case demonstrating your group’s tangible and intangible benefits, while simultaneously developing a future-state vision to energize your team and make your mark within your organization, carefully evaluating benefits and risks alike.