Future State Planning

Evolving In-House Agency Business Strategy and Services

Corporate re-organizations, disruptive technology advancements, operational inhibitors and changing end-customer buying patterns occur often. Companies must remain nimble and proactive in order to respond to these evolving dynamics and deliver high-value creative solutions to their organizations. Cella helps companies who have established in-house agencies or are at the early stages of creating one to meet both the near and long-term objectives of the business. We promote efficient and cost-effective creative operations that enable the scalability and flexibility needed to rapidly adapt to the surrounding environment.

Future state planning engagements include:

  • In-Depth Needs Analysis
  • Department or Capability-Level Strategy & Scope of Services
  • Performance Metrics & KPI Strategy
  • Business Case & Year-Over-Year ROI Analysis
  • Funding and Billing Model Strategy & Design
  • Operational Road Map & Implementation Plan Development
  • Design, Implementation & Change Management Support in the following categories:
    • Account & Project Management
    • Planning & Workload Forecasting
    • Process/Workflows – intake through project close-out
    • Project Management & Digital Asset Management Technology
    • Reporting & Dashboards
    • Billing Model & Supporting SOPs
    • Resourcing Strategy

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