Consulting for In-House Agencies and Creative Teams

In-house agencies and creative teams are commonly faced with challenges that affect quality, service, productivity, efficiency and scalability. As a leading expert in the in-house agency operations space, Cella addresses these challenges and helps companies and leaders from all major industries to design, build, optimize and transform their companies’ internal creative operations. In addition, our team is regularly asked to support future state planning & new capability development; process design & improvement initiatives; and technology strategy, selection & implementation projects.

Here are four reasons why leaders choose to use our consulting services:

  1. Expertise—There are many facets to running a creative organization, and it’s nearly impossible for a leader to be an expert on all of them.
  2. Impartiality & Fresh Perspective—Often, the hardest decisions require an unbiased viewpoint.
  3. Validation—Sometimes creative leaders know the right solution, but company executives require an external endorsement on a course of action.
  4. Bandwidth—They simply don’t have the time to address their challenge in a timely manner.

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Creative Operations Assessment

The “Creative Operations Assessment,” our most common engagement, is the first step to solving creative operations challenges. Through this process, our team identifies and prioritizes opportunities to improve and change the way companies procure, structure and manage creative resources. The results of our assessments become the foundation for our clients' strategic roadmap, which will guide the continuous improvement and evolution of their creative operations. Learn more about the Creative Operations Assessment.

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