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How effectively and efficiently is your department working?


Achieving operational excellence starts with a review of your overall operation.

Our Total “CreativeOps” Assessment

Cella’s Creative Operations Assessment is a methodical analysis of your organization’s creative operations that results in recommendations and validation in the areas of:

  • Organizational Design and Talent Management
  • Department Positioning and Customer Experience
  • Creative Process, Technology, and Project Management
  • Financial and Business Management
  • Metrics and Reporting

The outcome of a CreativeOps Assessment is the foundation for your strategic plan and includes:

  • Key learnings from the discovery and on-site interview processes organized by topic area to demonstrate where specific improvement opportunities exist and why changes are recommended
  • Visual gap analysis charts demonstrating the department’s improvement opportunity compared to best-in-class creative teams and recommended future state
  • 20–40 prioritized recommendations depending on the breadth of the engagement—each with rationale, key actions steps, and identified predicted benefits and risks
When to Use Consulting

There are several reasons it makes sense to partner with consultants:

  1. Bandwidth: It’s not that you can’t or don’t want to address the issues at hand, it’s that your limited bandwidth prevents addressing them in a timely manner. Our team can begin addressing your challenges when and where you need us.
  2. Expertise: There are many facets to running a creative organization, and it’s nearly impossible to be an expert in each. Our consultant bench is specifically designed to include experience and expertise diversity.
  3. Validation: Sometimes you know what the right solution is, but you need to gain buy-in across your organization. We can provide feedback and best practices validation to support your plans.
  4. Impartiality: Other times you are too close to an issue to make hard decisions. Our team brings an unbiased point of view when evaluating your team or processes and providing recommendations.