Tips for Evaluating Workflow Tools

Implementing a workflow tool can provide many benefits including increased productivity, better decision making, improved justification of your decisions and resources to management, and increased control over your resources. These deployments can be expensive—both in terms price and expended resources—and … Continue reading

The Workflow Tool Dilemma: Build vs. Buy—The BUY Perspective

This is the first of a two-part series. Next week’s blog will present “The Build Perspective” of the “Build versus Buy” decision when selecting workflow/project management tools. If your organization has not yet implemented a workflow tool, you would most … Continue reading

Process Documentation—more than just pretty pictures

One of the most interesting things I encounter working with creative services organizations is how they view process. This covers a broad spectrum, from “we’re creative, we don’t DO process” to organizations with multi-level process diagrams in full Business Process … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Requirements for Software Solutions

There are many ways for an organization to implement a software solution, whether it is an automated workflow tool, a digital asset management system or some combination of functionality that uniquely fits the needs of the organization. Hopefully, process is … Continue reading

Tackling Your Process and Technology Projects

Many creative organizations recognize that they have room for improvement. This could mean better alignment within the organization, improving existing processes or implementing technology that can help manage the work. But often nothing gets done, because the next step requires … Continue reading

CreativeExecs Spotlight – Jim Wilson on Running Communications for the BSA National Scout Jamboree

I recently stumbled upon a very impressive accomplishment in the creative services world that warrants sharing with our community of creative leaders.  As Director of Communication Services for The Boy Scouts of America, Jim Wilson’s typical day includes running the … Continue reading

Automated Workflow Systems—Your Choices

The recent announcement of IBM’s acquisition of Unica prompted me to think about the current landscape of options for automated workflow systems and how it keeps changing.  For some companies, their history has included many acquisitions and changes in ownership, … Continue reading