The Only Metric That Matters

Across this year we have focused on various metrics in our blog—customer satisfaction, efficiency of operations, and creativity and alignment to brand. All are excellent and signal the rest of the organization that the Creative Department is one to be … Continue reading

Pulse Survey Results: Time Tracking Practices

It had been two years since Cella’s first-ever survey on time tracking practices. Therefore we reached out to our network to refresh our data with a 15-question survey that addressed who (if anyone) on their teams was tracking time, their … Continue reading

The Metrics Minefield

With the increased emphasis on in-house teams to track, provide and act on metrics-driven data, there is the potential for missteps that could result in poor morale, lowered productivity and unrealistic expectations. Fortunately, with focus and planning you can mitigate … Continue reading

Don’t Elevate Metrics to the Position of Truth

I’m really passionate about this topic, because I believe that metrics are incredibly powerful tools with the power to guide an agency to exponential growth or closure. Metrics are all about numbers and statistics, but they mostly tell a story. … Continue reading

Numbers, Numbers and More Numbers

Moving your department from order taker to strategic partner is an exciting journey. The prospect of being seen and valued as a partner is thrilling. But change is hard and requires a strong commitment to the end goal. One of … Continue reading

Collaboration vs. Process Discipline – How to strike a balance in the world of creative services?

When I first started consulting with creative services organizations I brought a “manufacturing “ mindset which I was anxious to apply to the undisciplined creative world. I knew the organizations I worked with could be much more efficient and productive … Continue reading