Staffing Your Content Organization—Critical roles necessary to create and deliver meaningful content

If you’ve been paying attention to trends at all this year, you should be aware of the powerful shift in marketing that has consumers demanding much more than a one-sided conversation filled with chest thumping, brag and boast messaging. Consumers … Continue reading

Building Your Content Organization— Is your team effectively aligned to deliver meaningful content?

As quasi-social scientists, effective marketers are trained to understand their target audience’s motivations and to use that understanding to offer said audience a compelling reason to perform a specific action. “Want the solution to your problem? Read this, watch that … Continue reading

Defining Your Content Strategy—Do you have a clear understanding of what your customers want from you?

Did you ever receive a gift that you didn’t particularly want from someone you cared about? Remember that feeling? You probably thought, “Wow, I thought they knew me better than that.” It might have happened as a child or maybe … Continue reading