Is PMP Certification Beneficial for In-House Creative Project Managers?

Project management plays a critical role in the world of in-house studio projects, and it’s important to have a strong framework in place for managing projects. But what skills and tools are most important for your PM team? Maybe you’ve … Continue reading

Project Managers Need to Motivate And Lead Teams

A key challenge of being a project manager is having the responsibility of leading a team to goals but not have authority over those team members. Gaining respect and support of the team is critical to a project manager’s success. … Continue reading

Can workflow systems replace Project Management and Traffic Management?

My colleague, Ceil Wloczewski, wrote an article last year addressing the relevance of the Traffic Manger role today, particularly in relation to workflow automation systems. The feedback from many creative services teams was that it’s great to have a good … Continue reading

Pulse Survey Results: Time Tracking Practices

It had been two years since Cella’s first-ever survey on time tracking practices. Therefore we reached out to our network to refresh our data with a 15-question survey that addressed who (if anyone) on their teams was tracking time, their … Continue reading