The Only Metric That Matters

Across this year we have focused on various metrics in our blog—customer satisfaction, efficiency of operations, and creativity and alignment to brand. All are excellent and signal the rest of the organization that the Creative Department is one to be … Continue reading

A Creative Leader’s Story: Adding Copywriting as a Service

Adding a new service to your in-house team’s roster can require a leap of faith and as with any leap, there are risks. My experience with building the business has been with adding copywriting services, but I suspect the story, … Continue reading

How To Learn Just-In-Time: Cultivating Talent and Bridging Skill Gaps

As professionals we each need to be agile and self-governing to actively build skillsets that keep us viable in our careers. Likewise, leaders need to support and guide their teams to all available resources necessary to meet the demands of … Continue reading

Skipping Quality Control Steps is a Fool’s Move

Abraham Lincoln once said that a lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. It might be fair to say the same of an author who refuses feedback on their work. Often, our internal clients may … Continue reading

Don’t Undervalue Digital Expertise

Expanding your in-house capabilities to include digital is no easy feat. It is a gradual evolution, usually initiated by a few random requests fielded by your print design team, most of who are delving into the discipline themselves for creative … Continue reading

How do your clients really view your in-house creative team?

In the area of client feedback, sometimes we like to think that “no news is good news.” But I would challenge you to question that adage. Not knowing what your clients think of your team is risky management that leaves … Continue reading