Establishing Value Beyond Deliverables—CreativeExecs® Roundtable Round-Up

I had the privilege of facilitating this fall’s round of CreativeExecs® Roundtables. While the stated topic of the sessions was the in-house value proposition, as often happens at these types of events, other issues bubbled up as well. One theme … Continue reading

Project Managers Need to Motivate And Lead Teams

A key challenge of being a project manager is having the responsibility of leading a team to goals but not have authority over those team members. Gaining respect and support of the team is critical to a project manager’s success. … Continue reading

Ethics in the Workplace

Many years ago, when I was a new manager, my boss called me into his office. A colleague was there already. Her position was being questioned behind the scenes, and I was afraid of what was going to happen. I … Continue reading

The Only Metric That Matters

Across this year we have focused on various metrics in our blog—customer satisfaction, efficiency of operations, and creativity and alignment to brand. All are excellent and signal the rest of the organization that the Creative Department is one to be … Continue reading

Core Values Bridging the Generation Gap in the Workplace

This is the last in a series of four blogs that provide insight into the multi-generational workforce. If you haven’t already read the first three installments, please see Leadership in the Multi-Generational Workplace, Cross-Generational Mentoring and Generational Conflict in the … Continue reading

Can workflow systems replace Project Management and Traffic Management?

My colleague, Ceil Wloczewski, wrote an article last year addressing the relevance of the Traffic Manger role today, particularly in relation to workflow automation systems. The feedback from many creative services teams was that it’s great to have a good … Continue reading

Pulse Survey Results: Time Tracking Practices

It had been two years since Cella’s first-ever survey on time tracking practices. Therefore we reached out to our network to refresh our data with a 15-question survey that addressed who (if anyone) on their teams was tracking time, their … Continue reading

Tips for Working within a MSP Environment

If your team resides within a Fortune 1000 company there is a good chance your company mandates the use of a Master Staffing Provider (MSP) platform, utilizing a Vendor Management System (VMS), to procure temporary and freelance talent. In years … Continue reading