Thank You Microsoft…Term Limits & the Creative Leader

Yes, from my MacBook Pro loaded with the Creative Suite, I typed “Thank you Microsoft.” What likely failed to come through was my sarcasm. Microsoft Millionaires and the resulting practice of term limits have lead to what one creative leader … Continue reading

The Business Side of Creative: The Advantages of Transitioning to an In-House Agency

Today there is a trend of bringing the advertising/marketing communications function in-house. Corporate executives are finding that it is less expensive, with additional benefits of convenience, speed and institutional knowledge, to invest in in-house agencies, rather than pay exorbitant prices … Continue reading

A Disciplined Onboarding Approach

Maybe your team has limped along undermanned for months, and finally the new budget has been approved. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect candidate for that hard-to-fill spot. Or maybe there’s been such rapid grown that it’s time to bring … Continue reading

What is your in-house creative team named?

The seemingly innocent, yet knowingly loaded, question “what is the name of your in-house creative team” led many passionate creative leaders to respond beyond the five-question pulse survey we launched this past May. The controversy? The inclusion of “Services” as … Continue reading

Busign—A Path to a Seat at the Leadership Table

Elizabeth Olson, the Vice President, Design-Brand Expression & Inspiration for Procter & Gamble, spoke on “Busign” at the HOW Design Live Conference last month. What the heck is Busign? It’s a contraction of “Business” and “Design”! In the past, I … Continue reading

Demystifying IA/UX/UI

To begin to understand IA/UX/UI, you have to start from a broader scope, and that is Interaction Design. Per the IxDA (Interaction Design Association), Interaction Design defines the structure and behavior of interactive systems. Interaction Designers strive to create meaningful … Continue reading