Benefits of Instituting Project Management

Throughout the growth and evolution of the Creative department, there will come a time when the approach of clients bringing projects to their “favorite” designers for consultation and completion will no longer be workable. The volume will become too great. … Continue reading

The In-House Creative Director

At some point, most corporations toy with the idea of transforming their in-house production team into a full-fledged in-house agency. Success requires more than a new vision statement and a cool logo—although those definitely help! One critical element that can … Continue reading

Make Your Group a Destination

With the competitive landscape for top creative talent and vendor management systems (VMS) in place, in-house creative services groups continue to struggle with finding the right talent that will fit within the culture of the group. Put a spin on … Continue reading

Cross-Generational Mentoring

This is the second in a series of four blogs that will provide insight into the multi-generational workforce. If you haven’t already read the first installment, please see Leadership in the Multi-Generational Workplace. Cross-generational mentoring involves pairing a person from … Continue reading

Thank You Microsoft…Term Limits & the Creative Leader

Yes, from my MacBook Pro loaded with the Creative Suite, I typed “Thank you Microsoft.” What likely failed to come through was my sarcasm. Microsoft Millionaires and the resulting practice of term limits have lead to what one creative leader … Continue reading

The Business Side of Creative: The Advantages of Transitioning to an In-House Agency

Today there is a trend of bringing the advertising/marketing communications function in-house. Corporate executives are finding that it is less expensive, with additional benefits of convenience, speed and institutional knowledge, to invest in in-house agencies, rather than pay exorbitant prices … Continue reading

A Disciplined Onboarding Approach

Maybe your team has limped along undermanned for months, and finally the new budget has been approved. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect candidate for that hard-to-fill spot. Or maybe there’s been such rapid grown that it’s time to bring … Continue reading