Leadership in the Multi-Generational Workplace

This is the first in a series of four blogs that will provide insight into the multi-generational workforce. Ninety-five percent of today’s workforce is made up of three distinctively different generations spanning across 50 years (see chart below). Your department … Continue reading

Is SXSW on Your Conference Wish List? Maybe it should be.

A few weeks ago I once again had the pleasure of attending the SXSW Interactive Conference in Austin, TX.  Sandwiched in-between the film and music portion of the festival, the Interactive portion brings some of the best thinkers and companies … Continue reading

Skipping Quality Control Steps is a Fool’s Move

Abraham Lincoln once said that a lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. It might be fair to say the same of an author who refuses feedback on their work. Often, our internal clients may … Continue reading

Don’t Elevate Metrics to the Position of Truth

I’m really passionate about this topic, because I believe that metrics are incredibly powerful tools with the power to guide an agency to exponential growth or closure. Metrics are all about numbers and statistics, but they mostly tell a story. … Continue reading

Climb Aboard the Energy Renewal Train

These days most employees are living the “DO MORE WITH LESS” business approach. This generally translates into MORE work with LESS staff and expectations of higher productivity and strategic creative solutions. This often results in sleep depravation, which equals poor … Continue reading

Yes, We Can Be Great

In the past year in-house agencies (creative teams, creative departments, etc.) have been getting more attention than we’re used to: Forbes.com author Michael Lee posed the question “Can In-House Agencies Ever Be Great” in a condescending title, but wrote about … Continue reading

7 Short Reads for You and Your Team

Cella’s Perspectives Blog is typically reserved as a resource for senior in-house creative leaders, though Cella does contribute to other communications geared at the more general in-house creative audience. Specifically, we contribute to HOW’s InHouse Designer Blog. The full blog … Continue reading