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BTC 4 Presentations

Tuesday, April 10
8:00 am Registration, Networking, Breakfast

8:30 am Welcome

The external and internal business environments that our in-house creative teams operate within are in a constant state of flux. Businesses are bought, merged, sold and merged again; the marketplace expands and contracts within months; technology evolves from day to day; and the accompanying demands on and expectations of our groups respond in kind. We can try to ride the waves of change as they hit us, or we can get in front of them and adapt to the change before it even occurs.

In this interactive presentation, Andy Epstein will categorize the general types of change that in-house groups should anticipate and then discuss ways to discern specifically what changes will impact our teams. With a special focus on the areas of staffing and operations, Andy will drill down into how creative leaders can design their organizations to not only address these changes but leverage them to enhance their team’s performance.

10:20 am Break

One of the fastest ways to expedite productivity, increase creativity and reduce expenses is to eliminate duplication of effort and ensure that each step in the process is meaningful. In this session, Dan Mucha will discuss the history and application of alternative models to analyze process (Lean, Six Sigma) and discuss the difference between Agile & Waterfall methodologies and their application to creative services. He will also present a step-by-step approach to analyze, define and document current state and future state process resulting in a streamlined project life cycle with full accountability while creating a culture of continuous improvement.

12:00 pm Lunch


The implementation of Agile processes within Marketing is starting to become more prevalent as 93% of marketers who have adopted it have improved speed-to-market for ideas, products, or campaigns. Workfront will discuss how the marketing team at Workfront moved to Agile project management and how your team can also adopt Agile at it’s own pace.

1:30 pm Peer Roundtable/Workshop

2:45 pm Break

Jackie Schaffer will share select trending practices and insights from across the in-house creative community that Cella's team has learned through benchmarking, their network, consulting engagements and third-party resources. Topics will cover staffing, technology, account/project management, time tracking, team naming and more.

5:00 pm Cocktail Reception

Wednesday, April 11
8:00 am Networking, Breakfast

The development of a comprehensive metrics strategy is a key to the long-term success of any creative group and an important step in creating a culture of continuous improvement. Yet few in-house groups have taken steps to identify and consistently measure their key performance indicators. Jackie Schaffer will discuss what metrics are and the why, who and when of metrics use. She will also provide guidance in creating a metrics strategy and discuss some commonly used key metrics.

9:50 am Break

>>Presented by working in-house creative leader
10:50 am
Peer Roundtable/Workshop

12:05 pm Lunch

2:30 pm End of Day