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Beyond the CreativeŽ Seminars

Beyond the Creative is Cella’s two-day training seminar for in-house creative leaders, which has been attended by 300 creative leaders since its inception—many of whom have attended multiple sessions.

Unlike large conferences, our events are capped at 50 attendees to provide an intimate forum for networking. In addition to formal presentations presented by subject matter experts, the format includes breakout sessions for like-minded creative leaders to collaborate, fostering great connections. Attendees also take home a thumb drive with templates and tools, and gain access to an exclusive LinkedIn group to continue the conversations following the training. Whether you are an Art Director with a team of three or a head of Creative Services overseeing a “mega team,” BTC will provide you with a “wealth of ideas and actionable information.”

BTC sessions are designed around the four core operational disciplines of creative leadership:

  • “The People”—Team Structure, Roles and Professional Development
  • Process, Technology & Metrics
  • Client Relationships & Corporate Dynamics
  • Department Strategy & Positioning

BTC 4 

  • Changing Leadership: Shifting from Reactive to Proactive
  • Building a Comprehensive Metrics Strategy
  • The Anatomy of an Agile Transformation
  • Innovative of Immolate: The Double-Edged Sword of Inventing Interactive On-the-Job
  • Industry Insights & Trends
  • Analyzing Processes for Improvement Opportunities
  • Resetting & Rebooting Internal Video Creative Teams

BTC 3 

  • Creative Services Organizational Design Theories
  • In-House Intrapreneurialism
  • Evaluating Candidates—Interview and Portfolio Review Best Practices
  • Balancing Creative & Non-Creative Performance Feedback
  • Train the Trainer: Corporate Etiquette & Communication Skills

BTC 2 

  • Elevating Creative Services Through Account Management
  • Facilitating Creative Success Through Creative Briefs
  • Using Technology to Enable the Workflow Process & Reporting
  • Transitioning Individual Contributors to Leaders & Managers

BTC 1.5 

  • Elevating Creative Services Through Account Management
  • Facilitating Creative Success Through Creative Briefs
  • Setting and Communicating Client Expectations
  • Setting and Accomplishing Strategic Priorities 
  • Engaging, Developing & Promoting Your In-House Team

BTC 1 

  • Setting & Communicating Client Expectations
  • Building Blocks for Creative Operations
  • Setting and Accomplishing Strategic Priorities
  • Engaging, Developing, & Promoting Your In-House Team


Four Ways to go Beyond the Creative

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