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Managed Solutions

Cella manages insourced teams of creative agency professionals for companies looking to benefit from the unique advantages of a best-in-class, in-house agency staff, through an outsourced solutions provider. Our Managed In-house Agency teams often work onsite and are fully embedded into the client’s organizational, process and technological environment. We manage full-service, multi-functional teams, as well as focused functional teams who can complement your staff with design, writing, editorial, interactive development, video production and project management capabilities.


Why a Managed In-House Agency?

Our People

An in-house agency is only as effective its people.  Cella and the BLR Holdings family of companies (which includes our sister company, The BOSS Group) have always been known for providing great talent to our clients and a great working environment for our employees. Our company’s core values shine through the passionate performance and entrepreneurial spirit of those on our team. Creative people are our primary concern, and we love helping creative people thrive!


More Bang for your Agency Buck

Global 2000 companies have often sourced their marketing and creative services needs through one advertising agency of record, or a narrow list of preferred suppliers. These agencies typically provide premium services that can cost substantially more than specialized or in-sourced resources. Our managed in-house agency teams can deliver the same service levels and many of the same capabilities that these higher-priced firms have traditionally delivered, often at a significantly reduced cost.


Reduce Risks Associated with Contractors & Technology

By assuming full operational responsibility for our managed in-house agency, in addition to the on-boarding of team members as our employees, we fortify our position as the employer of record in ways that traditional staff augmentation businesses cannot. This can help reduce the client’s perceived risks associated with internal policies on co-employment and contractor compliance. Additionally, our embedded in-house agency solution typically uses the client's own IT infrastructure and equipment in order to maintain corporate IT and data security protocol.


Retain Your Talent for the Long-Term

A significant challenge for many marketing and creative leaders is retaining their most talented contract workers. Under some traditional staff augmentation models, hiring managers are limited to internal term limit policies that force them to roll their contingent workers off assignment after a defined period of time. Due to client policies associated with segregating contingent labor from the rest of the client workforce, hiring authorities may also struggle to provide their contingent workers with the high-quality work experience that the worker desires in a long-term job opportunity. Our managed agency solution can help companies overcome the need for contractor term limits, while also providing a high quality, longer-term career opportunity for the worker. This leads to higher levels of worker retention, job satisfaction and on-the-job engagement.


Department Flexibility

By nature, a marketing or creative services group must be extremely adaptable in order to meet the fluctuating demands of the organization, while operating as cost-effectively as possible. Additionally, the digital and mobile evolutions have created a significantly more complex and rapidly changing marketing and creative climate, and creative groups must be able to adapt quickly to this environment with new and more advanced capabilities. That being said, hiring/employment policies at large corporations often limit marketing or creative leaders’ abilities to rapidly adjust and reallocate staff resources in order to stay ahead. Our managed in-house teams enable companies to build, refine and adjust the staffing levels of their group, as the company and industry demands.


Operational Performance Improvement

At times, for any number of reasons, a company’s current staff is significantly underperforming. Most often, this occurs due to the in-house team’s inability to adapt to the needs of the organization over time. Due to the many HR and financial limitations that often exist at large corporations, it is difficult for an internal team to evolve at the rate which they need to in order to continually provide best-in-class marketing and creative services to internal company stakeholders. Our team consists of some of the leading experts on in-house agency management and operations, and we will design and operate a team with continuous improvement in mind.


Corporate Staff Reductions

At times, corporate executives will make the decision to outsource an entire in-house agency, creative department or related function. We are an ideal solution for companies planning on such a transition, and in need of maintaining business continuity. Our managed in-house agencies are typically based fully or partially onsite at the client’s location, and if optimal, the team members may use the client’s preferred equipment, operational systems and business processes.


Add New Capabilities

Full-time headcount is at a premium in most large corporations, and a sound business case is not always enough to convey the need to add staff when new in-house capabilities are in demand from internal stakeholders. Companies can use us to design, build and evolve the internal creative capabilities that they need in order to operate efficiently and deliver market-leading work to the business.


Execute on Critical, Long-term Initiatives

At times, companies need to drive high-value creative and marketing initiatives that are not possible to address through existing internal resources or pre-established vendor relationships. Examples of these types of initiatives are company re-branding efforts, web content migrations and product re-designs. These scenarios can often consume multiple workers for several years at a time, and require hands-on supervisory and project management support along the way. Companies can use us for the managed temporary teams they need to successfully execute these critical, resource-intensive initiatives without sacrificing the quality of routine work.