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Our Team

Cella relies on the decades of industry experience and functional expertise of our subject-matter-expert team to deliver innovative solutions for clients while minimizing costs and the level of disruption to your organization. Each team member has been selected based on his or her specific experience working with in-house creative organizations. Our team offers a full range of creative operations expertise, including strategy, funding models, technology, process, change management, marketing communications, and personnel development.

We assemble each project team by considering the unique needs of the engagement, and each team includes an Engagement Manager, Lead Consultant, and at least one Advising Consultant (who may also be the Engagement Manager). Therefore, all projects include a blend of at least two subject matter experts’ experience and advice, providing a balanced perspective to our consulting engagements. As projects, or specific aspects within projects, require additional specific subject matter expertise, supplemental team members will be assigned to the project. 

Leadership Team

Our Subject Matter Experts

  • Steve Bevilacqua: Application Evaluation and Selection, Implementation Support, Adoption and Recovery
  • Susan Hunnicutt: Agency Organization Design and Workflow, Creative Lifecycle, Strategic Marketing Partnership, Account Management, Establishing Brand Expertise
  • Les Johnson: Process Improvement, Technology Tools
  • LaManda Minikel: Staff Analysis and Optimization, Process Evaluation & Re-Engineering, Creative Operations Technology, Change Management and Adoption
  • Dan Mucha: Project Management Tool Selection and Implementation, Business Unit Strategy & Planning, Process Evaluation & Re-Engineering, Financial System Evaluation, Design, & Implementation
  • Mark Pierce: Creative Shared Services and Value Proposition, Marketing and Creative Technologies, Process Improvement
  • Joni Reeves: Creative Operations Assessment, Department Organization and Structure, Growing and Adding Creative Capabilities
  • Susan Thompson: Creative Operations, Organizational Design, Project Management, Print Production
  • Sue Wolski: Organizational Design, Change Management, Financial Modeling, Process Improvement, Integrated Marketing, Regulated Industry Experience